Employees will quit if not offered flexible working post COVID-19

Almost half, 47%, of employees surveyed from across the UK, would consider leaving their job post-covid-19 pandemic if they are not afforded some form of flexibility in where and when they work.

The 2021 EY Work Reimagined Employee Survey of 1,000 UK workers found that nearly two-fifths, 39% would choose flexibility of when they work and 43% want flexibility in where they work.

On average, survey respondents said they would want to work between two and three days remotely after the pandemic. When pandemic restrictions ease, nearly one-fifth, 19% would prefer to work full time in the office, with two-fifths of employees saying they want a shorter working week altogether. Those most likely to move jobs include managers/leaders, those with technology or finance roles, and caregivers.

Despite the apparent willingness to move jobs for more flexible working arrangements, most of those surveyed in the UK, 79%, say they are satisfied with their jobs, and a significant majority, 88%, say they plan to stay in their current roles for the following 12 months.#

David Storey, EY EMEIA workforce advisory leader, said: ‘The experience of many organisations during the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that there is both the desire and the ability to increase flexibility in how, where, and when work takes place.

The survey also canvassed attitudes to existing work practices, with respondents positive about the impact of remote working as 41% said their organisational culture had changed and improved during the course of the pandemic, while only 31% believed it had worsened.

Seema Farazi, EY people advisory services partner, said: ‘As we look towards the longer term as organisations continue to transform their operations, employers will need to consistently re-assess conceptions of productivity and the impact on their cultures, ensuring their approach is optimised for the in-person, hybrid, and digital work experience.’


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