Companies House urges businesses to file accounts early

Companies House urges businesses who are due to file accounts by the end of September to do so as soon as possible through its online service.

The government department has stated that it is continuing to follow Covid-19 government guidelines to work safely which means that it could possibly take longer to process paper documents by post.

Companies House is encouraging businesses to file their accounts online with their online service which is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. It also includes inbuilt checks to help avoid mistakes.

The department states filing accounts can take as little as 15 minutes from start to finish. They also say that once the accounts are filed than you will receive an email to confirm that Companies House has received the accounts and another notifying you when Companies House has registered them.

Companies House reminds businesses that to file the accounts online then the business will need a company authentication code and if a business needs a new code than it should request it from companies House and allow five days for it to arrive.

If a business is unable to file their accounts online then they should send to papers to Companies House well before the deadline and the accounts will be manually processed by the department during their office hours.

Companies house states that by sending the documents earlier rather than later means that it gives plenty of time to resend them if the accounts are rejected or a change needs to be made.

Companies House heavily reminds businesses that they cannot accept postal delays as an excuse for filing late.

The responsibility to file a company’s accounts is down to the company director and that businesses and directors could face a criminal record, a fine and a disqualification if the accounts are not delivered on time.

Companies House offers an abundance of guidance and support on how to use its online service on its website and Youtube channel.

A Companies House spokesperson said: ‘September is always a busy time with many companies due to file accounts with Companies House before the end of the month.

‘By asking companies to submit their accounts early and preferably online, we are trying to ensure that they experience peace of mind during this period.

‘We’re continuing to follow government guidance for working safely during Covid-19. This means it could take longer than usual to process paper documents sent by post.

‘We want to do all we can to help companies during the pandemic, as well as ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone who works for Companies House.’


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