Credit Improvement

Credit improvement helps businesses enhance their credit score.

Who is eligible for credit improvement?

Business credit rating has a direct impact on working capital, credit limits with suppliers, funding availability, rates and tender opportunities. If a business falls within the following categories, they could benefit from credit improvement.
Score under 30- Getting funding approval will be difficult, suppliers will struggle with credit insurance and potential clients will be less likely to do business with these types of companies.
Score under 50- Could be subject to high funding rates and suppliers will be subject to high insurance rates.
Score under 70-Missing out on the best funding rates.
CCJ or CCJ satisfied associated with the business credit profile.
Funding searches declined for poor credit.

Why should someone use credit improvement?

  • When the credit rating is not reflective of the business’ creditworthiness
  • When a supplier has informed the business of a downgrade in credit rating, reducing their terms
  • When the company’s poor credit rating means they are preclude from bidding for tenders
  •  When the business needs a better credit rating to access funding or improve terms
  • When the business is a subsidiary of a larger company that has a poor credit rating
  • When lack of working capital is constraining the businesses growth.


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