123 Framework

123 Framework


We take a look at the 7 key numbers that drive performance, and assess where you are against where you want to be.  That’s the performance gap we need to bridge.

We do that by setting clear objectives in your Business Plan and Financial Plan, and milestones, to allow us to measure progress.

We set up detailed monthly management reporting, including Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”), and have a monthly meeting with you to track progress against plan. 


We take a detailed look at the different types of risks your business is facing. Risks that can stop you hitting your performance targets. 

We categorise and prioritse them until we have our top risks, between 5 -10 of them. We decide with you how they’re going to be mitigated or exploited.

We record them in a register which you control and then track them every month to make sure the risk hasn’t changed too much. 

Step 3: GROW 

This is your long-term strategy. If you’re going to grow you’ll need solid foundations.

Using our Virtual FD Service we’ll take a look at your people, systems, organisation, and processes. We’ll help you with your core values, and with your governance structure to make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction. 

We’ll look at what funding you’ll need as part of an overall strategy to achieve the level of growth that you set for your business. 

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